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Letters of Intent in Arbor’s Special Needs Trust Planning

Letters of Intent are documents created by a parent or other primary caregiver for a person with developmental or physical disabilities, and are much more detailed than general letters to guardians in standard planning scenarios. An effective Letter of Intent is usually a multi-page document, that details the day-to-day care and assistance required by the child, provides medical and dental information, and a description of mental and physical conditions and courses of treatment. Letters of Intent should also include preferences for food, clothing, individual habits and pet peeves, daily routines, and various levels of independence.

Letters of Intent assist future caregivers understand your child's special needs.
Arbor provides a sample Letter of Intent to all clients for Special Needs Trust development. As with all Arbor documents and forms, the Letter of Intent is provided in an electronic format, which allows parents and caregivers to easily update and amend the letter and include new attachments, as the conditions and treatment for the child change and evolve over time.